Thanks Miss Alison of BrocanteHome for letting my mind wander down the fantasy path of Glamping, thanks to this POST.

What is Glamping? "Glamorous Camping". I'm a little fascinated, after Googling I've found that apparently there is a whole UNIVERSE of people simply dedicated to Glamping. Who knew? And frankly I love the idea. Or at least my imagination does.

I'm thinking stargazing while laying on top of crazy quilts with tea candles lit in mason jars, while drinking hot chocolate spiked with Kahlua. Get my drift?

I'm thinking of fur vests, cut off jean shorts, tights and wellies. (Clearly I'm still fixated on Fall.)

I'm thinking of crickets and cool breezes and sunrises and lake views and the smell of campfire. I'm thinking of late night guitar serenades and laughing.

I'm thinking of fresh strawberries and scones and gourmet cheeses and fresh squeezed OJ and homemade granola and hot coffee.

But here's the thing... Have you ever BEEN camping? Because I have. (In Texas, no less. And don't try it in the summer.) Just regular ole'camping. Not glamping y'all. 

Have you seen the amount o'crap required just to go regular ole' camping? It's crazy. You spend most of your time just packing and unpacking gear.

Now I'm imagining the amount o'crap required to officially up the ante into Glamping. Now it's not just the tent and the kerosene lanterns and stoves and water jugs and coolers and sleeping bags. 

Now I must also pack the bunting and the snuggly quilts and the fringed hammock and the beaded candle sconces and the posh food.  And I have to pack the cute clothes and the makeup bag and the hair styling implements, because if I'm going to go to all this effort, lord knows I will need to photograph such experience for my blog. Which also means I need to pack the camera. A DSLR preferably. Which I still need to buy and learn how to use.

Crap. Goodbye Glamping.

You know who loves "not camping" at least as much as me? And who will be laughing as much as me at this image? My mom, that's who! Ha! (Hi mom.)

Unless... there is the idea of Glamping in an Airstream. 

My imagination goes off on this too. An Airstream that's been done up gorgeously. Instead of packing all that stuff you just pull the Airstream around. Now that I could do. 

But I've got a baby y'alls. And a husband that's not too fond of remodeling Airstreams, much less the shade of pink I'd want to paint it in.

So I'm thinking maybe when I'm 55 and facing empty nest syndrome, I'll buy an Airstream and cook it up real cute, and convince some of my girlfriends to do the same and we'll form a club and go on semi-annual Glamping trips. Who's in?


  1. Your blog is so cute! I'm not a camping or clamping girl at all so I am totally relating to your post. Like you decking out an Airstream someday might be fun, but I really LOVE NOT CAMPING :0

  2. I love not camping, too. Well, I DO love camping if it's got enough conveniences that I don't feel icky and sticky and smelly. And it has to be in comfortable weather. Not hot or muggy. I love the airstream idea! Count me in on that one!

  3. Glamping is awesome! As long as we can still get a little muddy and poke our sticks in the fire!