Fall and footwear

Saturday I was dreaming about Fall and made Mexican Hot Chocolate Shortbread Cookies (insanely good) from The Back in The Day Bakery Cookbook.

Why am I dreaming about Fall? Maybe because it is so hot and I'm always desperate for Fall to come by the time it does. Maybe because my birthday is in September. Maybe because September is only six weeks away.

I'm fantasizing about skinny jeans and baggy sweaters. Taking baby out for long walks in cool weather in the Moby Wrap. Throw blankets and thunderstorms. September issues of fashion magazines. Fall television (probably not worth fantasizing about). Back to school notebooks. Piles of yellow leaves. Umbrellas. Bonfires. Fireplaces. Lattes. Smores. Pumpkin everything. Tartan. Tweed. Woolies. Wellies. Turtlenecks. Balls of yarn, crochet and knit. 

I'm dreaming of Fall colors, particularly nail polish colors - forest and chocolate and dusk and gold and smoky coral and topaz and plum.

And I'm dreaming of classic footwear... Maybe I will just ask for Zappos gift certificates for birthdays and christmases the next ten years.

First up, Hunter boots, otherwise known as Wellingtons, Wellies or Rain boots. But if I were to get a pair, what color? Black? Green? Cheery cherry? And "original" or "gloss"?

And then there are Frye boots (I've been dreaming of these for awhile). There are several styles I like - from the simple classic tall boot to the edgy tomboyish bicycle boots.

And modeled by my favorite guilty pleasure Bachelorette with her castoff (not sure I'd be doing the Daisy Duke and Frye combo though): 

And thanks to Anthro, I've been introduced to Minnetonka moccasins and they seem like the perfect slouch around Fall shoe:

Anyone else dreaming of Fall already? (Or Fall footwear?)


  1. I am. I realized this summer that summer is my least favorite season, but I feel like I shouldn't admit that. Summer's supposed to be all fun, fun, fun, but most of that fun is the outside kind and if you live where it's really hot and/or humid, you end up hiding out inside trying to find ways to pass the time. I miss being able to stroll. I'm ready for it to be just a little cooler. On the other hand, I'll be buying school supplies this year for my kindergartner-to-be and I don't want to rush the last few weeks until my big boy starts school!