18 weeks

This started out as a 16 weeks post, then became a 17 weeks post. Is now an 18 weeks post! So it's super long and rambly... Sorry y'all, but this blog is my part time baby book. 

Will's growing and getting more vigorous and feisty every day. He's wearing 9 month onesies and PJs now and I'm a little confused by this. Is it a baby vanity sizing conspiracy to make parents think "Oh ho ho, I have a big, strong baby!"  I mean really, I don't think he's much bigger than average for his age. So why are the sizes so off?

Other joys of the past few weeks: 
  • With the number of scratches I've suffered, I started to wonder if I'm raising a kitten instead of a baby. So I cut his nails - the only way I could get it to work is with him entranced by the television. 
  • He discovered his feet and he was often reaching for his toes. 
  • He became interested in touching things that are not his toys, especially fabrics and textures. He leans toward something he wants to touch now (whether it's a blanket, a magazine or the ipad) with his whole body.  He's going to be a challenge to wrangle very soon! When I change his diaper, he reaches towards my shirt. He likes to run his fingers (and his fingernails) across the surface of things. He tries, tentatively, to bring objects towards his mouth, but rarely gets them there and when he does they don't stay for long. 
  • When I bring in a magazine or catalog, he leans towards it and tries to turn the pages himself, often ripping them instead. 
  • We have a new game now - Airplane - or as I like to call it "Bobo fly".  I lay back on the couch and hold him up over my head and say "Bobo fly!!!!" and he gives me a big grin. This is the kind of thing that would probably have freaked him out a month ago, but he loves now.
  • Because he whips his head back and forth when he's laying down or in the swing, he's rubbed a bald spot on the back of his head right above the single hairy patch that grows at the nape of his neck. We're still waiting for his hair to really grow in.
  • He's halfway to rolling over, but not quite there yet. He's started to roll back and forth, back and forth, edging himself around. I'll put him on the blanket and then he gradually makes his way further and further across the floor.
  • He started sucking his thumb and I think it is so cuuute.
  • He's had what (I think) is his first cold this week, but it hasn't been too bad, just a little congestion, coughing, sneezing and maybe a bit of extra fussiness.
  • He hasn't been sleeping great. I'd come to rely on him going to bed around 7.  Now sometimes he  won't sleep until 10 and I sorely miss that downtime. But... he is gradually sleeping more and more in the co-sleeper or even... gasp! the crib. So I have hopes to transition out of co-sleeping over the next couple of months.
  • Update: He slept one whole night (although not "through the night") in his big boy crib, I was so excited, I felt like throwing a party.
  • He really likes the Moby wrap more and more. Thank you, Moby wrap.
  • He's having his first ever cold. Bummer.
  • He weighs 18 lbs!
  • And finally, my favorite! He's started laughing, really truly laughing. 

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