Blabla luv

If I had a baby girl, she would have LOADS of these Blabla dolls.

I love how they feel vintage and quirky and colorful. And they're so creative! Raccoons and foxes and frogs and mermaids and pirates!

As it is I have a baby boy. And I bought him one this weekend! 

He is so adorable. And quite boyish. He has a grey mane, a white nose, burnt orange pants, a puce bow tie, and even a belly button! Technically his name is Albert and he is a donkey. But I call him Mr. Horsey. We'll see if Will takes to him or... not. Maybe if I give it to him over and over and over again to play with? Hahaha...

So far, Will is far less interested in Mr. Horsey than he is in Teddy on the left, a gift from my Mom at Christmas!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for sharing :) I'm bookmarking for my niece, who's due in November.