At 14 weeks

Will is 14 weeks today and he's turning into such a big little boy already! I'm already picturing him toddling around and saying his first words.

Here are all the little details of everyday life, writing them down so I won't forget what it was like...

My hair seems to be shedding now and it's rather annoying since my hair is a mile long. I'm finding it everywhere, including every possible nook and cranny on Will.  He loves to grab it and pull, so there's always at least one of my hairs in his fist.

He's had a bad case of diaper rash this week. Coincident with the fact that I'm moving to using cloth diapers 95% of the time? I'm not sure, but now I'm trying to be more cautious and get it nipped in the bud (or butt)!

I love buying him clothes and toys. Not that I'm going crazy. I've made very few purchases here and there. It's just that up until now almost everything we needed was a gift. So I'm only now discovering the joy of picking out an outfit and seeing him wear it. 

I bought him a new toy this week called Jacques the Peacock and he has so much fun with it - playing with it until he becomes overstimulated, at which point I have to hide him away. I'm realizing I don't have enough toys for him. Or the right kind perhaps. I mean, okay, what did people do in the pioneer days? Did they have bouncers and johnny jumpers and play mats and walkers? I think not. Did those children survive? I think so, so maybe mine can too.

Will is talking up a storm. He doesn't just coo and gurgle. He has intonations and facial expressions and phrasings and emotions. It's kind of crazy! And I love it.

I read him books for the first time! Okay, I know, some of you out there are astounded, astounded, that I have not read to my baby before now, but I'm sorry, I just never saw the sense in reading to a newborn. But I've started sitting him on my lap now and reading him Dr. Seuss books. (Thanks for those Frances, you are genius). He seems to like it - perhaps all the colors and patterns and sing-songy words?

This is good, because I need to fascinate him with something BESIDES the television and the iPad. Oh goodness. We noticed his predilection for the tv several weeks ago and since then I've been very careful to expose him to it as little as possible. But now he is drawn to the iPad. Sometimes I surf while I'm nursing and afterwards when I sit him up to burp him, instead of looking at me, he cranes his neck towards the iPad and leans toward it and stares at it. It's kind of scary. I mean he's only three months old! I'd better get him on books, stat!


  1. He's beautiful! It must be so wonderful to get to know him more and more each day as he learns new sounds to make or his face expresses new things. I can relate to the book thing...I don't have kids yet, but my sister is having a girl soon, so of course I can't wait to buy her books and read to her. But I've often wondered if it might be a bit much to start reading to her when she's still a newborn ;)

  2. Wow! He's growing up so quickly ... time flies and all that I guess. :)