Peace and joy

Merry Christmas to all of my online friends, and offline ones too.

For some of us the holidays are a time of ease, a time of celebration and joy,  for some a time of nostalgia, for others a time of tears or disappointments. This is a joyful moment for me, but I well remember holidays tinged with sorrow too.

These high holy days are a mile marker. Another year. Another lap around the track. And whatever we're feeling is heightened. Sometimes we look back with regret. Or forward with fear. Sometimes we may not feel the merriment that stereotypical Christmas seems to represent. These are the feelings that sometimes get swept under the rug in the midst of Christmas cookies and mistletoe. But Christmas is for all of us. Not just the happy, but the sad, the real, the humble, the searchers, the yearners - not just the wise men, but the shepherds too.

If you are in the throes of joy, I wish you laughter, happy memories, and a heart of gratitude. And if you are wading through the dark shadows of winter, I wish you peace and the gentle comfort of firelight, and the hope of spring just around the corner.


  1. A Lovely Heartfelt post... thanks for stopping by and may your New Year be the best one ever! Loving the Shiny Bright Wreath... I have a Vintage Blue Bell like the one at the top of the wreath, so delicate and I'm surprised it has lasted over 100 years now! Just shows that with Love and care even the most fragile things can survive a very long time.

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian