Grateful for

Thunderstorms that wake me in the night, but let me go back to sleep
The big cozy bed I sleep in
The big cozy man I sleep next to
And a silk robe and a cup of tea in the morning to make it easier to get out of that bed

Piles of colorful yarn waiting to be made into something
Endless inspiration on the internets to make something new
Writers, and creators, and dreamers, bold enough to share themselves
And the people who've encouraged me in my own dreams

The blue room that's been my writing room, that will be a nursery soon
The little life that is already wiggling inside of me, who doesn't yet have a name, but already has a place in my heart

Family, even when we feel too far away
Friends who "get me", even on off days

Long baths and a stack of books waiting by my bed for those off days
And many more books, waiting to be found
Stories waiting to be told

And oh so many more - all the little pleasures and blessings I'm so grateful to enjoy

Happy Thanksgiving all!


  1. I am thankful for all of the above! Thank you for reminding me of all of the little things however big and small to show appreciation for... lovely blog!

  2. uuuh i really really want to see the nursery designing in progress and the result.
    and i would love to invite you and everybody to come visit my blog to celebrate the result after re-designing my blog :) i would love to welcome all of you with a cup of hot chocolate :)