20 weeks

Sadly no photo this week. I'm sick. I look a mess. A mess that should not be documented for all eternity.

20 weeks! In the weird world of pregnancy math, this is the halfway point. Five more months seems a long time, but when I think about how quickly Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas and New Years, and then I'll be in the third trimester, taking birthing classes and putting the nursery together and wrapping things up at work, then I realize it will probably go by fast.

How I'm feeling physically:
Well, it's been a rough week. The first day of the week, I was on an 11 hour plane flight from Paris to Houston, followed by a customs and security rigmarole before boarding my connecting flight home. I think I got really dehydrated and I've been purposely trying to rehydrate ever since. I'd also been fighting a sore throat for a few days that blossomed into a nasty sinus infection once I got home. Yikes. And now work awaits.

I think I just gave myself my last pedicure this week. I'm starting to feel it be more challenging now to bend over and tie my shoes, much less paint my toes. After this, it's off to the beauty salon. Not that I'm complaining.

How I'm feeling emotionally:
Glad to be home. There is something about my own home that feels so wonderful. Bursts of nesting energy in spite of the sickness. The first full day I was back I cleaned out my refrigerator and the next day set to scrubbing mold off my shower tiles, ordering a Hypnobabies home course and signing up for my doula.

I did have what I consider to be my first hysterical outburst this week too. Although I'm not sure whether to chock it up to pregnancy hormones, sheer exhaustion, or my own over-sensitive nature. After the 11 hour flight, we had to go through security again in Houston. Wouldn't you know it? They picked me to go through the full body scanner. I said "I'm pregnant, can't I just go through the regular metal detector?" but oh no... it was that or a patdown. I was in such a panic and so upset because we were running late for our connecting flight that I said "Just do it" even though my husband was telling me to get the patdown instead. I started crying in the full body scanner while my hands were up in the air and I didn't stop crying for several minutes after that. It was the last straw in a long day.

Buying my first thing for baby. I've been dying to do this for a couple of months, but every time I looked at baby clothes, they were mostly so gender specific and nothing jumped out at me. In Paris though, I came across this cute little onesie that I thought could pass for a boy or a girl and I bought it. Looking at it, I wonder who will be arriving to fill it. It's so strange to think of the intimacy of having a child and yet we get no choice in who arrives. It is a total surprise.

p.s. More Paris reports to come, but due to rough week, I've had little blogger energy.


  1. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well and that horrible situation at the airport. :(
    I would've started crying too!
    Hang in there and I hope you are enjoying your half way point!

    It really does go by fast!

  2. Oh, so sorry you're having such a rough post-vacation week. Last time we flew, I got in a security line where some were being directed to the metal detector and some to the full-body scan and I had to work (and had the distraction of a 4-yr-old to help) to keep the panic from rising into my throat. Fortunately, when it came time, I could kind of direct us towards the metal detector and the guard nodded his head in agreement. Whew! I was thankful then that I had no more plans to fly this pregnancy.

    Hope you feel better soon. Maybe post a pic of the onesie? And when's the big sonogram?