Week 17

Ooh, I really went all out for the photos this week. Not only did I have makeup on, but I had someone else take my picture. Haha.

How I'm feeling physically:

  • Again, pretty good. A little heartburn. The "belly" continues to feel more distinctive, not just a bloated feeling anymore, but like I'm carrying a water balloon inside.

How I'm feeling emotionally:

  • Some hyper-drive this week. I went to Babies'R'Us - my first time since being pregnant - and wandered the aisles. I did a lot of identifying of what I was sure I didn't need - or at least wouldn't buy until I was sure I needed it. But I also left with a lot of questions and things to research. Needless to say, it was overwhelming. I feel like the next few months I have so much to do and read about and decide about diapering, clothing, sleeping, and eating. It's amazing how many decisions there are to be made, how many things there are to educate myself on, how many philosophies of child-rearing there are to sift through.
  • Going through some emotional processing about motherhood - realizing that no matter what I choose on the many choices (discipline, diapering, sleeping, names, childcare, etc) there will be someone who disagrees or disapproves or just doesn't get it and I need to just accept that now and not let that sway me. I feel these things stirring already, and realize the most important thing will be doing what's right for me and my family and not worrying what everyone else thinks. Not always easy when you're an emotional radar detector.

Highlights of the week:

  • Visiting Babies 'R' Us with my  mother-in-law who came to visit and registering for a few things.
  • I went to a meet and greet for a Doula collective. I haven't decided yet who I'm using, but it was a fun way to get started.


  1. Wait your pregnant?! I really do have some catching up to do blog wise! Congratulations! You look positively stunning.

    I'm sure you'll get loads of advice regarding motherhood - not all of it welcome. But all I can say is trust your instincts. Only you know what's best for baby and you xx

  2. I definitely remember those early days of uncertainty and insecurity, feeling like you have no instinct. Thing is, once the baby is actually here and you dive in head first, you eventually get your "sea legs". You'll try things you think you should because someone you respect recommends it, even if it doesn't seem quite right. And when it doesn't work, you're one step closer to figuring out your style and, more importantly, trusting it.

  3. Thanks Terrie! Trusting my instincts is excellent advice.

  4. Looking lovely, Miss Momma! I love that you are sharing your photos and what's in your head.. you are such a smart lady to recognize the wisdom of your instincts. As a wise woman once told me - "YOU are the captain of your own ship!" :)


  5. Congratulations on the new Bambino!! You look fantastic...and yes everyone will tell you what to do...go by your natural instincts...You will know what is best for your child...

    Enjoy EVERY second of this...No matter how you feel at times, it is such a magical time...It has been 32 yrs since my last one and I still can remember things vividly <3

    Peace & Blessings, Linda

  6. I was so overwhelmed by the registering process that i ended up doing it all online. :)

    And yes... please remember that you are the momma and you know best. Because you are right, people might not like how you do things, but you just do what you feel what is right for that baby. I'm learning that lesson all the time!

  7. You and your Baby Bump are positively glowing! And I agree, Parenting is a process and each has their own Style of doing it. Everyone will have varied opinions & advice... if you need or want advice I feel it is best to go to those you Trust and have great respect & Love for since they will have you and your child(ren)'s best interests at Heart.

    Still so very, very Happy for you as you move into Motherhood!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. The best advice I have heard on kids and raising them is to remember they are a crock pot dish and not a delicate souffle - you have plenty of time to fix things once you have already started!
    Don't get overwhelmed. Everything doesn't need to be decided today. It will come to you as you get to know your baby. That is the awesome part. From the beginning you really inform each other about what you need. You have wanted this for so long, I am sure your inner voice will guide you true.

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  10. Oh my god. I haven't checked your blog in a while. You are pregnant? Congratulations! You really seem like you are going to be a great mom. And don't worry to much about all the things on which you have to decide on because it's eventually going to end up differently than you have expected and it's still going to be fine. Just trust yourself. (:
    Oh and on a side note: I love that you are considering having a doula. I want to become a doula myself after having my first baby. :)

    Feel free to visit my blog :)