Week 16

Week 16
I didn't get a photo this week. Umm. Isn't that how things sometimes go?

How I've been feeling physically:

  • Generally good. A little heartburn. 
  • In spite of sugar cravings that I have horrible guilt over, I'm not having any sudden bursts of belly growth, which is a relief. I just want it to grow nice and slow.

How I've been feeling emotionally:

  • I've been moody. I don't like being moody. Aren't I supposed to be floating on a cloud? Why do I sometimes feel I'm sitting under one instead. I shouldn't be feeling this way. But I think sometimes moods come like weather and I just have to sit with them until they pass.


  • Seeing my grandma (poor thing in the hospital after surgery) and she asked if I was going to find out if it was a boy or girl. And I said "of course!" And she said, "Well I'm praying for a girl!" she said with a funny little laugh. She was still cracking jokes a day after having bypass surgery. My dad's like that, too. He almost never stops joking. I love it.
  • It was fun to see my extended family - I haven't seen them since the big news and it was nice to see the family excitement over a new member that's on it's way. And of course we ate at a buffet, and I got teased about how much I ate and my belly. It comes with the territory, I s'pose.


  1. Girl, stop "shoulding" all over yourself. There is never any one right way to feel ever - especially when pregnant. No guilt for cravings either. Relish this time to eat with abandon. Apologize to no one. Enjoy the extra attention. This is all part of the package you've been longing for for a very long time.

  2. Hi Ames, I completely appreciate the spirit of your comment, but it sort of makes me laugh, because then I go "I SHOULD stop SHOULDING on myself". And maybe I should. But then the "shoulds" are kind of interesting, to acknowledge, to live with, to work through, because their very existence points out my areas of "challenge" I shall say, areas I'm working through as you'll see from my post tomorrow, which includes a bit of shoulding as well.

  3. Hmmm - looking forward to the next post. Guess it all "should" just be accepted as part of the experience - even the "shoulds". ;-)