Week 13

So I've decided to do a weekly pregnancy post here on the blog.  It wasn't something I was sure about until I found a few other bloggers doing it and something in my heart said Yes. I want to capture the memories and the experience week by week. It isn't something I've done so far and I regret it a little. It's passing fast and it seems I'm always moving into a new phase. I have a pen and paper diary I'd gotten to track pregnancy stuff, but I  haven't kept up with it, so this will  be a different approach!

The woman in the picture:
a) Is proud of her well-rounded tummy
b) Is desperately trying to prove she has a baby bump
c) Cried after she took the picture
d) All of the above

Yes, I did cry after I took the picture. And you should see the picture I deleted. I'm so silly. I didn't like my picture. I had an eye infection and couldn't wear makeup and I wanted to be pretty for my pregnancy photo. So I cried. And my photographer (husband) comforted silly me.

So the next day I tried to take another picture on my own. In this one I'm headless. Nice. Seriously, I feel like a dork because I want to take pretty pictures of myself and my family like other bloggers I see. (Ruh-roh, raggy, comparison disease!) I want to have these fun happy pretty photos of myself preggers and instead I feel like a non-photogenic lump. Well. I'm resisting that desire to be purrfect and sharing my dramedy with you anyway.

Week 13
How I'm feeling physically:
  • Other than the burpies and the occasional pressing need for a nap or a bathroom break, I feel great. Bye-bye first trimester suckage.
How I'm feeling emotionally:
  • Occasionally moody and overwhelmed. 
  • Still sometimes feel like "Am I really pregnant?" It's weird, to have my heart and mind so pre-occupied and yet most people can't even tell by looking at me and I can't feel any movement. 
  • I'm starting to be more settled in the fact that I'm pregnant, but anxious to have my next doctor's appointment. I hope I'll feel more confident when I hear the heartbeat again.
Fun highlights in the past week:
  • Seeing my friend Amy, who's 27 weeks pregnant, eating chocolate pie and sitting around having pregnant lady chat.
  • Buying my first pair of maternity jeans - not sure this is anything to get psyched about. I don't even look pregnant. It's just that the waistband of my skinny jeans is much too binding. Stretchy pants are beginning to loom on the horizon.
  • Letting out the news to extended family, friends, work and on the blog. It feels good to not be keeping secrets anymore.


  1. A very big, heartfelt congrats to you!

  2. You look marvelous!!! I love when people post their weekly pregnancy photos. I thought about doing it, but I let me insecurities get in the way... I just felt like a big blob all the time. Maybe next time!
    So excited for you!
    P.S. you may not need to wear the maternity jeans now, but someday you will and they will feel soo comfy! (and you might still wear them for awhile after you have the baby... ;)

  3. I think your baby bump looks beautiful....

    I followed a lovely blog called aurajoon all the way through her pregnancy and I'm still following now that she has a gorgeous little girls. It might interest you too Vmichelle....you can check it out on:- http://aurajoon.blogspot.com/


  4. Oh my life I am so ashamed that I didn't know you were pregnant... I've been sooooooooo wrapped up in my own drama, and here you are with something so absolutely wonderful to celebrate.
    Congratulations Sweetheart, you look so beautiful and pregnancy is quite the most hellishly wonderfulself absorbed journey you will ever take and will fly by... so treasure every single moment that that babba belongs to you and to you alone.
    I'm so happy for you.x

  5. so so SO happy for you, V! And I'm so glad you are blogging your way through it so I can keep up with how you are doing outside of work chats. I think your prego pics are perfect! Keep 'em coming :)