Too good not to share - totally random Eagle brand milk edition

 I love this image. It says it all! *via Jenni Sparks

It's Friday and time for that random amalgamation of things floating around in my head: 

For all us childless mother-hearts out there...Hear, hear! Someone brave enough to tell the truth, but still finding a way to be hopeful and positive.

On the topic of why we read what we read... This was an interesting book review that almost made me want to read this book, but then I get to this line: "Ada, or Ardor is not hopeful and not kind." I stopped to ask whether I really want to read something that is not hopeful and not kind. You can write achingly beautiful (and sometimes true) words about the darkest nights of the soul and there is nothing wrong with that. I think people should write what they want. But when I'm pondering what I want to spend hours meditating on, I just have to say no, I do not want to read a book that is not hopeful and not kind, even if it's achingly beautiful. 

I went on a rant this week. I had an acute overdose of cute. It was a picture of a bunny that did it. Sometimes everything is so lovely online it stirs up a case of I want it-itis, but not everything I want is really a great idea. 

Being a writer who blogs this caught my eye: Author blogging - you're doing it wrongI hope I don't offend anyone who is also a writer blogger when I say I really agree with it! But I don't know what I'm doing as a writer-blogger. I'm not following any rules. There's no clear strategy. I'm not trying to get 10K followers. I'm just shooting in this mad darkness and seeing what happens. Let's call it the grand experiment.

For the girl who has everything... The Mr. Darcy Tuxedo Cat Bookmark. I think it's sort of cute. And I quite like the Mr. Darcy cat print.  What hath Jane Austen wrought? Of course, why I need a bookmark when I'm reading from Kindle, I don't know.

Samples I read on Kindle this week that make me want to buy the book:

I'm not sure which one to read first! Maybe I should finish what's in my Kindle first.

I've commandeered my husband's iPhone just for Instagram, because I want to make a photo wall like this one! When it's done, I'm envisioning a snapshot of memories. I wish I could do something like this that would capture the past (nearly) 10 years of our marriage!

And last but not least, a friend I were chatting this week about the miracle of Eagle brand milk. You know, the sweetened condensed kind. For all you actresses who need to put on 20 pounds for a movie role or all you lucky peeps with high metabolisms, I am providing some dee-licious classic cookie bar recipes involving graham crackers and Eagle brand milk and chocolate chips.  Yum.

Happy Friday!


  1. Ok, so I pretty much loved reading all of your collected thoughts and images here ... I REALLY love the idea of a photo wall (even though I'm still yet to jump on the Instagram frenzy) ... and those recipes sound delicious!! :)

  2. I just have to tell you--the only dessert my mother, who does not cook, has ever made (for as long as I can remember, anyway) is the Hello Dolly. It was her signature thing to bring to parties back in the '70s! I rarely see these called "Hello Dollies" anymore! I do love them and make them occasionally myself.

    Regarding books that are hopeful and kind, that's exactly why I love Alexander McCall Smith's books so very much; to me, they're the epitome of hopeful and kind.