Come play!

In the process of blogging, I've met quite a few people who maybe-kinda-sorta want to start a blog but are on the fence.  This was me for about 3 years before I started a blog of my own.

It's perfectly fine to be on that fence, but I want to give a little shout out and encouragement to JUST DO IT!  Just start TODAY.  Start expressing yourself.  Start playing.  Just start scrapbooking and collecting and curating and documenting your world.  As soon as you do, you'll wonder why you were waiting.

If you're not developing a business, if you're not monetizing your blog (egads, don't get me started on the nightmare that dream can be), then you're a free agent, free to experiment in the world. Why not start today?

Consider alternate forms of expression.
Traditional blogs aren't the only forum you can use to express and connect.  Besides WordPress and Blogger, there is also PosterousTumblrPinterest, or even Goodreads if you're a book lover!

Consider your anonymity options.
If you aren't comfortable with being online due to fears of stalkers, identity stealers, or nosy nellies, that's okay. You don't have to be fully exposed on your blog. You could use an alter ego or an alias. Obviously, don't be stupid and do illegal or crass things with an alter ego.  I just suggest this as an option for people who are uncomfortable putting themselves online. You could also start a private blog and only invite select friends to follow. Of course worrying about being found out may not be a big problem, because the truth is, you may not have the flood of readers you're expecting. So...

Don't worry about readers or followers for awhile, maybe forever.
Here's a hint: don't treat blogging like a popularity contest.  Didn't we get enough of that in high school? Who would want to bring that one back? Just start expressing yourself - learning to do it, getting comfortable with  it. You can worry about stats later if you want to, but first get your feet wet.  If you worry about it too much, it takes away the fun and if it's not fun, you'll dry up and get the dreaded blogger's block.

Don't be afraid to be yourself.  
But what if I post about my salt and pepper shaker collection and some random person thinks I'm lame? What if my Aunt Bertha doesn't like the playlist I've posted? What if a co-worker finds out I like to watch Battlestar Galactica and buy yellow shoes? All of these scenarios are probably a huge case of thinking other people think about you way more than they really do.  Be yourself and the world will find out who you are - but is that really so bad?

I will throw out a caveat though. Use common sense. Maybe it goes without saying, but don't be nasty, ugly, offensive or NSFW.  As far as career concerns go, that's up to you.  Decide on your image in your chosen field and make sure nothing you do violates that.  For me, I've decided that if someone doesn't like my creative spirit, experimental ideas and sense of fun then I'm probably not a great fit anyway.  But that's a choice I can make in my chosen field.

Don't make it a bigger deal than it is.
Some people feel it's arrogant to start a blog - like you are proclaiming yourself an expert or as if it's a statement of self-importance to think others will care about what you have to say. Yes, blogging is a public platform where you interact with others.  But it's also an online journal, a scrapbook of your world, a place to express yourself.  Some people will be interested in your world, some won't.  Who cares? Starting a blog isn't starting a business, it's not competing for Miss America, being on a reality tv show or becoming an online celebrity. It's not a big deal!

You may say "I don't know what I want to blog about.  I don't know what my thing is." That's okay. Just experiment for awhile.  Build a throw away blog or Tumblr for a month or two and just play.  You may see patterns developing. You may discover what your thing is. Aren't you curious?

If you start a new blog or Tumblr or what not, let me know so I can follow! The online world is your playground. Come play!


  1. Have I told you lately that you rock? Well, I think that you do. Nice post.

  2. Awww... Thank you! Glad this hit a (good) nerve.

  3. This is great. I love the part about it being a scrapbook of your world. Also, the bio of Vivien Leigh I read was the one by Anne Edwards.

  4. Great advice ... blogging and the online world have given me so many wonderful things ... and of course, it's always nice to meet lovely people and document the random pieces of our lives.

  5. "Scrapbook of your world" - this small phrase has renewed my interest in my blog and re-invigorated me. I just wanted you to know. Thanks!