Tea and Fantasy: The Dreamy Bloggers

I'm doing it again - getting an unexplainable fascination with a certain type of blog.  This time it's the "Dreamy Bloggers" or that's what I call them at least.  The most simple explanation would be an American version of Mori Girls. Their obsessions seem to be lost girlhood or is it recaptured girlhood? and a litany of things that read like the lyrics to My Favorite Things from Sound of Music:
  • Tattered lace, velvet ribbons, bows and pearls
  • Unicorns, horses, fawns, bunny rabbits, kittens and baby chicks
  • Woods and forests and mountains and lakes and misty moors
  • Mermaids and fairies
  • Obtuse and pretty poetry
  • Tea time and rose china and macarons
  • Glitter, tulle, satin, sequins, ruffles and pintucks
  • Colored tights and flower printed dresses
  • Bare feet or ballet slippers
  • Dickinson and Austen and Nabokov, not to mention Narnia, Wonderland and Hogwarts
  • Dawn, twilight and full moons
  • Deserted beaches, tree houses and cabins built for hermits
  • Disheveled homes (see The Selby)
  • Disheveled hair, worn long in waves or braids 
  • Vintage anything
  • Carousels and Christmas lights and picnics and camp-outs and bonfires and fireflies
Some express their predilections with images and others with words, but similar themes emerge. There is an immense femininity to this genre, but a childish brand of it.  Innocence, but also darknesss.  A bit Victorian and gothic, but a sort of reverse image, sweet and light. Both bittersweet and magical.  Which is probably why I'm drawn to it.

It's odd that this trend finds expression online in blogs and tumblrs, because it seems to be a thinly veiled longing for an earlier time, a world without internets and laptops and cell phones.

A few for you to explore:

Elsewhere in wilderness
We are dreamers

Daydream Lily
With love from Angelica
Glitter Deers

And to top it all off... a dreamy playlist I made just for this occasion.  Dream on!


  1. I loved this post today.....I also loved the post about the Mori Girls.

    I often visit these dreamy blogs and have to admit that i long for a simpler less hectic time of life. I didn't learn to use the computer until quite late in life...and although it has certainly opened up my world...it has also infringed on my time and ability to just sit and dream.


  2. I have no clue what Mori girls are but I'm ready to find out! I love the adventure of blogs with girls showing me things I've never experienced!
    I added you to my sidebar links :)

  3. Daydream Lily is one of my favorites.

  4. I have been dreaming of my late teens\early adulthood when summers were so magical and earthy and romantic. These blogs remind me of that time long ago. Your playlist is dreamy... anything with Jaymay makes me smile. :)