Movie for a Bohemian Season: Wasteland

Have you seen Wasteland? This movie hits on all cylinders.  I'm becoming a documentary fan lately - me, the lover of fiction.

Why it's a movie for a Bohemian Season:
  • Want to go somewhere new? Somewhere different? How about a dump in Brazil, at the time the largest dump in the world!
  • It's a peek into the world of an artist, Vik Muniz.  You see his process over a period of years as he comes up with the idea to make portraits of people who work in a Brazilian dump, literally making those portraits from the recyclable materials at the dump, with their cooperation.  Such a cool project!
  • It gets you talking and thinking - about poverty, culture,  the way you look at trash, at things, at cities, at people, at art, at possibility.
  • And it's full of fascinating, real people. It's inspiring - some of these people who work in the dump have such an amazing spirit - living life where they're at, still finding joy and pride.
  • It's a reminder that everyone can and should dream - that maybe we all don't start from the same place, but there's always hope to make things better.

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