It's all about love, baby!

I'm so excited to be doing a guest post today on When I Grow Up! I've been toying with a question...

Is it really prudent to do what you love? Or is it more like an act of defiance? revolution? certifiable madness?

I felt like I had to have a reasoned answer to that question since I'm an aspiring novelist often questioning my own sanity.  This post was my answer.  And I wanted to share it with a wider audience since it doesn't just apply to writers.

Go check it out! Beyond teddy bears and rainbows: The fuzzy math of doing what you love

Happy Monday... and here's to love.


  1. I just read that guest post on When I Grow Up and really identified with it. I am actually one of those people still working a day job and trying to make it work with my dream career on the side. Thanks so much for the post!

  2. So happy to have you, Valerie! Thanks for being brave and passing your amazeballs post along.

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog through your post over at When I Grow Up...and I can't thank you enough for writing something that resonated so deeply with me. Like so many creatives, I'm smack dab in the middle of that tension, that balance, you mention of day job and dream job. Today, I was ready to quit the day job for no other reason than it was "too much," "I was too tired," and "my dream was more important." Your post has given me a new perspective, and I can't thank you enough. Thanks for encouraging me to be hang with the "elite."

  4. Great post Valerie! Needed that today.

  5. Oh thanks so much for all the encouragement! You guys made my day too.

  6. Oh Valerie you are a joy and an inspiration to read. I very much enjoyed your guest post and it came along at the *perfect* time for me when I'm grappling with so many of these issues.

    Thanks, dear one.

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