Too good not to share - Self portraiture edition

Self-portraiture - Many web sites, artistes, and bloggers advocate taking pictures of oneself, not only as a form of artistry and self-expression,but to improve camera creativity and most importantly to become comfortable with your own body, that vessel of self.  I've always felt uncomfortable with it - a mixture of vanity, fear of exposure and insecurity.  Which is why I'm trying now to take daily or at least weekly self-portraits, thanks to a little encouragement from Muse!  This is like therapy for phobias - confronting it head on, crazy hair bangs and all. However, my self-portraiture skills are limited to holding out my arm, snapping and hoping the picture is at least in focus.  Can anyone recommend a good concise resource for improving self-portraiture?  Clearly I at least need a cheap tripod or something! One of these days I am going to have to become a real photographer.

Courage to Fly blog hop - Check it out  - these are the sorts of blog posts I love to find where creative people go deep.

Tribal Writer - I stumbled across this writing/creative/entrepreneur blog and immediately resonated. I love that she touches on the inner struggle as a writer instead of dry, prescriptive posts like "10 ways to improve dialogue".  Not that we don't all need those. But some days what I need is someone to tell me to be brave and soldier on.

And let's go into the weekend with a little silly, okay? Jane Austen Fight Club - freaking hi-larious. Yes, more Jane.  If you've already seen this, I apologize.  If you haven't, you must.

Happy Friday!


  1. You are beautiful! Great post and I'm loving Jane Austen fight club.

  2. In Unravelling, we had a unit on taking pictures of your feet and I loved that. There's something very creative about capturing you and where you are just by taking a picture of your feet. So I'd say try interspersing the intimidating full-on face shots with fun, playful shots of feet, hands, knees, noses, eyes - whatever. Or trying taking a picture of your reflection in things (I took one picture of our little family's feet in a puddle, so you could sorta see our faces in the reflection of the puddle). Also, think about taking a "self-portrait" of things you think represent you. Also, a lot less intimidating.

    Fight Club is one of my favorite movies. Love this riff on it!

    Happy weekend!

  3. These are such gorgeous pictures! I love how natural you look. They have a casualness and calm to them that reminds me of a quiet weekend morning :)

  4. I hopped over here from Terri's blog.
    I haven't been to Tribal Writer yet. You might be interested in Carol O'Dell's new blog http://riskplaycreate.wordpress.com/ about writing, art, and creating.

  5. I have discovered the benefit of a mirror when I am taking self portraits. I look in the mirror and point the camera at me, I can then look at the the digital screen through the reflection of the mirror to see if that is how I want the photo to be framed. Not much I can do about the subject of the photo that doesn't require plastic surgery, losing weight or a makeover.
    Brenda in Canada