The Secret Society of Lady Writers

Do you want to join me in The Secret Society of Lady Writers?

It is purely for fun and self-improvement.  L-O-V-E.  No other strings attached.  And I'm looking for fellow Lady Writers to join me.

The Secret Society will be a place to:
  • Connect with other lady writers.
  • Chat about the woes and joys of being a writer - sparing yawning husbands and friends!
  • Get critiques of your work in a safe place.
  • Be inspired to write more, and more often.

For Lady Writers who are:
  • Gritty, glamorous, dangerous, determined, and serious about writing, improving and (dare I say it) getting published.
  • Working on current Works-in-Progress - in other words, you need to be currently writing or have existing writing to bring to be critiqued!
  • Willing to share work with others in the Secret Society.
  • Willing to deliver honest but kindhearted critique.

How do you know you are Lady Writer material?
  • You love books and want to write them.
  • You already have a little writing experience under your belt. 
  • You are humble, but aspiring for new heights.
  • You are not delusional.  If you think you are going to write a first draft of cheap fan fiction and then become the next Amanda Hocking, please do not raise your hand.
  • You are hopefully a bit quirky with a black sense of humor - because if you want to write novels it will be required.
  • You are willing to spend time regularly participating - because secret societies are all about participation.  For those of you out there who like specifics, think 30 minutes a week to read and respond to others' work.

What does this Secret Society entail?

  • If you make the cut, you will be invited to a top secret group blog on Posterous, that will be ours, all ours. Private.  Top secret.  An intimate circle.  As opposed to a social networking platform.
  • While I expect we may forge new social networking relationships between bloggers, our secret society will be private.
  • Formally, each week one-two writers will share their work and receive feedback.  Also, I will post one question to discuss, such as What's your writing challenge this week? or What approach are you taking to plotting your current WIP?  or What author are you most jealous of? or When you make your millions in publishing, what charity will you give it to?
  • Informally, it will be a venue to chat about where we're at in the process, how things are going, new resources we've found, etc.
  • Anyone will be able to post and comment in our own secret blog - from your most secret writerly secrets to an image that inspires you.
  • Finally, an important detail - the Secret Society will begin as a 2 month period - April and May. This is so it does not feel like a forever commitment and allows flexibility.  There will then be a one month break.  Depending on how it goes the first time, I will likely start it up again.

You had me at hello!  I want to be a Lady Writer!  How do I join said Secret Society?
I regret to inform you that this will be an exclusive society.  Not to hurt anyone's feelings, but it's hard to really get to know 60 other writers at the same time.  And the point of this is NOT to broadly network, but to go deep.  If  there's only two of us, I'll be happy but I am looking for no more than 6 Lady Writers who want to join in for April and May.

If that's you, please, please send an email to bohemianseason@gmail.com and share:

  • Your name
  • Your blog, if you have one
  • How long have you been writing seriously or not so seriously?
  • What are your aspirations as a writer?  i.e. Do you want to write fiction, non-fiction, YA, thrillers, poetry?  Do you want to be published in the next two years? Want to self-publish? Plan to write a series? etc.
  • How would you describe your practice or process as a writer?
  • What are three of your favorite books?
  • Link to your Goodreads profile, if you're on it
Crossing my fingers and waiting for your email to pop up!


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  1. Oh how fabulous! I almost wish I was writing a book now! ;) If you ever need a book fan to pop in - I'm your gal! x