So I'm just wrapping up the Declaration of You course - still processing and want to share more, but one of the exercises we did involved trust - finding things you can trust in the middle of the big unknowns.  I ended up discovering that when I dial into what I do know, it gives me enough to keep moving forward.

What I do know:
  • Moments pass. Frustration is never forever.
  • Whatever is bugging me today will not be bugging me in 6 months, something else will.
  • Whatever is bugging me today I’ll be unlikely to remember in 3 years, and if I do I’ll probably be laughing at it.
  • I’m capable of handling more than I think.
  • Reality almost never lives up to my fears.
  • I’m usually holding myself back because of fear – often fear of what others will think.
  • And other people think way less about me than I think! They’re just as afraid of rejection and judgment as I am.
  • Most people love another person who smiles and is interested in them! :-)
  • But there will always be haters.  And those people don’t matter – they’re not my people anyway.
  • If I live my life to please everyone, I’ll please no one – and especially not myself.
  • Life is short and fleeting. Regrets suck. And most of my regrets are from NOT doing things out of unreasonable fear.
I declare that I can trust that...action and faith – trying, working, persevering – moves me towards my dreams and goals...and inaction stemming from fear and doubt leads to regret.

So... What do you know?


  1. bravo! i so needed to read that today, so THANK YOU for sharing it. "be still and know" is a struggle for me, so I'm going to print this as a daily reminder until I get it.

  2. I just looked up this course.. would you recommend it?

  3. A great reflective Post. What do I know? I discovered an interesting thing about myself after many successful years in the Corporate World... I developed a strange fear that I didn't recognize at first... the fear of success! Yes, I know that sounds strange, but I never feared failure at all, I never really considered that I would 'fail' because I knew if I wanted something badly enough I'd usually find a way to get it or achieve it and be tenacious about it. But I realized fear in certain levels of success... because it all comes at a cost... and sometimes I didn't want to pay that cost and have to make the choices it entailed, or the amount of work it would require. As the Seasons of Life progressed I was less and less interested in making the sacrifices for higher levels of career and professional success and more and more interested in being successful and content at the things in my Life that became higher priorities as I aged... relationships, having free time to pursue Loves that might not generate monetary success and I would CHOOSE to keep personal instead of professional. As an Artist that has been a fine line, between loving to make my Art and have people appreciate it... and risking being too successful at it because I realize what it would take away from other things and people that I prefer to spend time with. Thanks for indulging my long introspective response! *winks* Dawn... Who is probably going to chose to remain the starving Artist *LOL*... The Bohemian

  4. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed this session of the Declaration of You - taking time to browse back through and reread what everyone's been up to!

  5. @Heather - That's a tricky question - whether I'd recommend the course. Because I think it depends on where you are and what you're looking for. I think it provides some nice philosophical "inner framework" for pursuing whatever you want to pursue - some of the "head game" stuff that life coaches can help with. On the other hand - I don't feel like it went too deep into helping you figure out what you want to pursue. And I don't feel like it was a detailed step-by-step plan. Being a step-by-step planner gal myself (type A, anyone?) I had mixed feelings about that, but it came down to perhaps mismatched expectations going in. So I'll probably write a longer blog post, hopefully soon about my impressions and what I'd recommend it for.

  6. @Dawn. Thanks for the long thoughtful answer. Much wisdom there. I'm with you! At this point enjoying life (and the space to do so) means much more to me than plaques, trophies and titles. That being said, I have a burning desire to write a novel (or two) and see them published. And that probably interferes with lazy summer days a bit!

  7. LOVE this! Have you read "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Toile? A lot of the things you mention are what he writes about. So right on!