What makes my day flow - five daily essentials

Thanks for tagging me, Debby at  Cooking Up a Storm in  Teacup! So  here are my five daily essentials. It's amazing how it's the little simple things that make every day special, or sometimes livable!

Coffee - ground fresh that morning and made in my very simple drip cup coffee maker, which I swear makes the best coffee.  I brought back three bags of Kona coffee from my trip and I'm loving it.

Quiet time - Ahhh... I guess this just proves I'm an introvert, but quiet time is a must-have. This might be a nap, it might be a bath or reading a book, but I need that time, that blank canvas, to recharge.

Writing - At the moment writing is an absolute essential in my life.  So by extension my laptop is essential (is it strange to have attachments to your laptop?), as well as my cozy writing nook - a special space I can go to and focus my mind.

Crochet - In a moment of insanity, the repetitive nature of crochet brings me back down.  Much better than hitting one's head on walls or rocking back and forth.  Plus I love playing around and combining colors.  At the moment I'm slowly working my way through a simple patchwork blanket.

Whimsy - It might be my yellow plastic heart ring or baby blue fingernails or a collage of pictures torn out from a magazine and taped up on the wall, but I like to have expressions of fun and flights of fancy around me.


  1. I love your five essentials Vmichelle especially the 'whimsy',,,,,,


  2. Hello, This is my first visit to your blog.My list is the same as yours so I have to follow you.I'm going back to brows your site .Drop by and visit me if you wish-I would like that.Denise

  3. Hi Valerie! I HAVE to listen to one of my favorite folk bands, Barnaby Bright at least once a day. They are friends of mine, and I've watched their career really begin to take shape. I think you'd love their sound and story. Enjoy!


    you'll probably have to copy and paste this link. or, just google the name Barnaby Bright. Their music is also available on itunes. :)