Chick Flicks: A French Theme

So, I didn't go to Paris last year as I hoped.  No big deal.  Life offers up other opportunities and who knows, I might be saying "oui, oui" and munching on croissants this year.  But I thought it might be fun to celebrate just a taste of La Vie Francaise with these French-themed Chick Flicks.  The city of love.  Or was it lights? Just in time for Valentine's Day.

French Kiss
Totally goofy, but still kind of fun.  And oh so faux French.  I say "faux" because it's the American version of France. But when you're in the mood for this sort of cheese puff, you'll enjoy it.

I do: How to get married and stay single
And now an a real life French rom-com with sub-titles and all.   It's about a French bachelor who pretends to be married so his mother and sisters will get off his back.  He hits a snag though when he develops feelings for his "wife". It's nice, light and funny.  And I have a major style-crush on Charlotte Gainsbourg in this movie.

Another French rom-com.  It's a little bit hard to love Audrey Tautou in this one as she's such a snake, but still an enjoyable movie.

Forget Paris
This movie is one of those rare movies that "feels real" but also results in lots of laughs. I also like that it's more of an adult romance with adult concerns - aging parents, careers, fertility treatments - an unusual rom com.

An American in Paris
Leslie Caron and Gene Kelly dance their way through Paris in technicolor. Not a very realistic portrayal.  Colorful, exaggerated, but fun!

More of Leslie Caron in France.  This time a totally different era - the 1800s - with a musical tale of a man seeking out a mistress but finding a wife instead.  The visuals are interesting in this film.  It's a cotton candy take on the time period with easter egg colors and frilly dresses and Maurice Chevalier singing "Thank heaven for little girls".

Julie and Julia
It's so much fun to see France from Julia Child's POV - the joy and spirit is infectious.  Meryl Streep made this movie - I was amazed by how she pulled it off.  And Julia Child is such an inspiration to anyone venturing forth into a non-cookie cutter life.

To Catch a Thief
Grace Kelly + Cary Grant + Hitchcock in the south of France in a romantic crime caper. These two are much more glamorous than the rest of us can hope to be.

Although most of the film takes place in Morocco, it's what happened in Paris that makes the whole story go round. If you've never seen this quintessential film, I must warn you - if you're one of those girls who needs happy bubbly endings with hugs and kisses, this one must be avoided.  But if you like moody, melancholy, bittersweetness, you'll enjoy it.

And a whole quintet of Audrey-Hepburn movies!  What was it with Audrey and Paris on film?  I didn't realize there were this many until I started listing them.

Sabrina - Paris doesn't appear much, but plays a key role in turning Sabrina from an ugly duckling into a swan in a fantasy-making gig at a cooking school.
Paris When It Sizzles - Obviously Paris plays a big role in this one!  A funky early 60s style makes it interesting.
Charade - A dark, mysterious Paris in this thriller that also features - who else? Cary Grant.
Funny Face - Love this colorful, stylish musical with Fred Astaire.  It's a happy maker!  Think pink!
How to Steal a Million - I haven't seen this one.  Must add to the list of required viewing.

Recommended Double Features:
Bachelors no more: I do and Gigi
Classic "American" French: Funny Face and An American in Paris
Thrilling France: How to Catch a Thief and Charade

Bon jour mes amies!


  1. Yay! Some of my very favorite movies are on this list: An American in Paris, Charade, Sabrina, Funny Face, and To Catch a Thief.

    I'll have to see "I Do" since I like Charlotte G. Have you seen Ma Femme est Une Actrice (My Wife is an Actress)? I like that one. Also, do you know the name of the movie she was in (last year, I think) with Johnny Depp? I'm wanting to see that one, too. Or was that just a short film? Now I'm not sure...

  2. i love french films!!! i've watched most of these. A few days ago i bought paris jetaime from Sainsburys - can't wait to watch it x

  3. These are some of my favourite French themed films too....oh and of course Amelie.....