Too good not to share

Here's a few things I couldn't resist sharing this week...

SO CUTE - A palette painted with the Union Jack. I want to bring this home with me. I don't know why I like these British things! I suppose it's all the books I read full of British wit and teatime. Courtesy of Recyclart, a web site that makes you see "stuff" in a new way.

When I read this post on Peace on my plate the idea of "primary food" and "secondary food" wowed me.  Primary food being what feeds your soul, and when you are short on primary food you are depressed, stressed, anxious, and unhappy... and you go seeking secondary food. Hello, Doritos and Haagen-Dazs, baby!  An interesting read and great "food for thought".

Becoming Lola - And speaking of food... it's hard to resist a foodie blog that is just so delicious and cute and pretty and sweet.  I love pretty food!

One Word - This is a simple warm up and brainstorming exercise I've been playing around with when I need a mental transition.  One Word gives you a word prompt and invites you to quickly write about it.  Go play!

Happy Friday!