The right words at the right time

I'm guest blogging over at Brocante Home today and talking about getting back into the groove after a long holiday!  Come say hi and tell me if you have any tricks for whipping yourself back into fighting shape after you've been out of sorts.

These words on a sugar packet came into my life at just the right time.  It was while I was in vacation in Hawaii and feeling all whiny and self-pitying, playing the spoiled little girl, bemoaning my situation in life.  Why is it that so and so gets such and such and I don't?  Or to be more specific, why is it that totally unsuitable (being polite) people are blessed with eight babies (exaggerating) and I'll never have one (projecting disastrously into the future)?  What did I do to deserve this?  Why me?  These mad thoughts were taking over my mind.

I have no idea who this Noah benShea fellow is or why he is on sugar packets (and please do not take this as me advertising for this self help fellow).  But that very day, the words on this sugar packet were staring right up at me.  Reminding me that life is not about the breaks I've been given or not given, but about who I am, and how I choose to respond.  Reminding me to grow up.

I took the sugar packet and stuck it in my pocket, flying it all the way home with me, where it now sits on my bulletin board, reminding me when I need it that what really matters is who I am.


  1. Okay dear one I'm putting things in perspective for you and not at all trying to diminish your pain because little ones are such a Blessing... but...YOU WERE ON VACATION IN HAWAII FOR HEAVENS SAKES GIRLFRIEND and if you've got to be blue somewhere, well, that might as well be the place!!! *winks* Okay, so maybe I'm just a TAD bit jealous... no, make that absolutely GREEN with envy! *LOL* And maybe I'm lamenting over the complete opposite reason... you see, we are custodial Grandparents of two precious little ones that we absolutely adore, but at this Season of life we were not expecting to STILL be raising little ones... and when we do the Math, of when we get the last child raised... we feel as though we'll be absolutely ancient! *le sigh* I do Hope however, in all seriousness, that your Joy returns and you're soon back to feeling absolutely wonderful and Hopeful about each new day and the prospect that Life is not yet over and the future could bring answers to your Prayers! Stay strong and I'll be Hoping right along with you... that one day... what your Heart desires will be your reality.
    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Just realized you stopped by today too and left me a comment on my newest Post... yes, everything John and Robin touch is absolutely Golden and Magical... transporting us into their delightful World!

    So... what Island did you visit while vacationing? I spent my Honeymoon in Kauai and it was enchanting... too many years have passed now though and I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want to get a chance to go back there... and perhaps some of the other fab Hawaiian Islands that we haven't yet visited... oh, and Bora Bora! *winks* I'm lusting over a tropical destination as you can tell. *tee hee*
    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Dawn,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your life situation as custodial grandparents - I can imagine that's a major upheaval. And in spite of our different situations, that's where I'd guess we have much in common - an upheaval of what we'd expected life to be like and an adjustment to the new reality! Thank you for the encouragement. I will say happily, that I don't feel my life is over, but I've found the loss of a dream to be a long grieving process - it hits you hard, then fades, you think you're over it and then it comes back again!
    The trip to Hawaii was a blessing and came at the most needed time. We went to the Big Island and I loved it - such a variety of natural wonder and Kona coffee and of course, the sound of the waves.

    I hope you get a little taste of tropicalia soon. Winter can be tough, especially this time of year.

  4. Love the sugar packet saying! Here is the saying I have posted on my computer..."There is no way to happiness, Happiness is the way" Timing is everything, isnt it? So many times I have felt at such a loss and in need of wisdom and or comfort, and other times found a simple saying or blog post to be a beacon of sense and inspiration.
    Keep moving forward!