Hello December

December comes with unexpected baggage.

You see, I'm having surgery for endometriosis soon.  I've known I've had this condition for many years, but it's come on like a nasty beast lately and now something must be done and fast.  And I'm a little bit frightened and sad and dreading.  It's more than a physical thing - it's emotional.  It teeters dangerously close to the cliff of one of my deepest rooted dreams - to have children.  But the surgery must be done. Here goes.

I'm the kind of crazy person who likes to plan everything out.  To be in control of everything.  To accomplish things.  Holidays are particularly problematic for people like me. And now, my body comes along and teaches me my own foolishness.

This December leaves me in a humbled state, with less grand expectations. Just letting things be as they are and trying to learn to believe that sometimes less is more and sometimes simple is good enough.

I will...
  • Probably blog quite a bit less
  • Try to write when I can
  • Rest in the love of family and friends
  • Not bother too much with cooking and cleaning
  • Have a simple holiday
  • Trust in God's grace
  • Keep crocheting.
  • Paint my nails a pretty color for the hospital - I'm thinking pop art pink.
  • Watch way too many movies.
  • I'll probably re-re-read some of my favorite classics I'm collecting.  These Penguin Classics hardcovers are brilliant - addictive if you love books and beautiful design. I'm currently parading through Pride and Prejudice.  Little Women will be next - I love the cover with scissors on the front - an allusion that's obvious to anyone who loves the book. I want to collect all of the ones by Jane Austen and the Brontes.
  • Oh... and I can't forget the one year anniversary of my blog!


  1. Best of luck! Those sound like some pretty amazing holiday treats.

    Happy anniversary! -Kelly

  2. Dear Valerie!
    I haven't been around for weeks, so I had no idea what was going on in the world. My husband had eye surgery this morning, which is the reason that I have time now to be online and play a little. I insist that he stay downstairs where I can watch him, and he has fallen asleep on the sofa, so I'm trying to be quiet. :)
    I'm so sorry that you're in need of a surgery, but I hope {and pray} that it makes all things right. You are wise to know that this is the time to sit back let them show how they love you and not try to be the caregiver.
    I heard the other day {can't remember where}, Person 1, "What gifts did you get for Christmas 7 years ago?"
    Person 2, "I have no idea."
    Person 1, "Who was there?
    Person 2 rattled off the list. :)

    Enjoy the beautiful Christmas Season, knowing that you are surrounded by those who love you. And get well.
    XOXO ~ Debbi

  3. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, V.! And congrats on making it through a beautiful first year of blogging!