This week I feel... stormy

Apologies for the crappy manicure... It happens sometimes!

Actual color = Plum Night by Revlon

This is a gorgeous deep frost-free purple.  It seems close to black at times, but the purple is definitely there.  Wonderful for fall or winter nails.  But I still haven't found that just right brighter purple I've been looking for.

Inspired by this gorgeous rainy day photo...

See the rest of my Purple Patch nail polish color collection here!


  1. My 5 year old Grand-Daughter and I just took photos this afternoon of our Mani's... we are both rather Divas about how we want our hands/nails to look! *wink* I'm in Natural mode and she is in Glam mode. I plan to make a Post of it soon... so your Mani Post caught my eye today since we'd also been photographing our hands/nails!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I have three bottles of that exact nail polish. I love it. And I get so excited for fall and winter to come so that I can wear it. So cute!