Heavens help us, I went thrift store shopping this weekend

I gave in to an urge.  Not an urge I've had too often lately, thank goodness.  But it ended up being a day where I drove away with a loaded trunk.  Here's what came home with me (and the ridiculous reasons why):
  • Red plaid wrapping paper that screams classic Scottish Christmas and manly libraries and the lining of sleeping bags on camping trips.  Why do I buy things like this?  It's not as if I'm putting on a classic Scottish Christmas.  But someone will get a gift nicely wrapped in this natty paper.
  • Perfectly pleasing gray yarn to add to my growing stash.
  • A little globe that oozes vintage world traveler charm.
  • A 1970s retro gold radio.  I just liked the way it looked.  Good thing, because it doesn't work.  Now I feel rather like a doofus.
  • And the elephant in the room - the gigantic ornate gold plastic clock that I couldn't resist.  I plan to paint it a glossy punchy color and take out the clock.  
  • And my most favoritest of all.  That rather ugly footstool that was only $3 is quite sturdy.  And you see, it's going to become a charming homey little footstool when I'm done crocheting a cover for it inspired by the Wood and Wool Stool treatment.
Have I lost my mind?  I'm supposed to be decluttering, not recluttering.  But everything in moderation...

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  1. I'm smiling... only because I've definitely been there and done that... on more than one occassion... okay... on SEVERAL occassions! *blush* And your ridiculous reasons seem rational to me... but then, I'm a sick Woman. *smiles* I wonder if we can get a group rate on Therapy?! *wink*

    Dawn... The Bohemian