An amazing book for creative types

I ran across this book and it was one of those where I had to buy it immediately.  It was intriguing to me because although I don't typically struggle with writer's block, on occasion I do and I definitely notice a difference between times when things are flowing and times when they're not.  And this book offers to help that flow along.

Thinking Write by Kelly L. Stone offers practical, concrete ways (some of which might seem a little weird) to tap into that other side of your mind - the subconscious - and use it to fuel your writing.  Granted, it's very slanted towards writers, but I could see using some of these same ideas if I was an artist or musician or designer, or even a blogger! There are ideas related to dreams, relaxation, self-suggestion, etc.

If you need to get your creativity flowing check out this book!


  1. Looks intriguing. What is your favorite idea of hers so far?

  2. Sounds wonderful! Do you want to know what always works for me? You know I won't wait for an answer! :) Do you sew? I go to the beast fabric store around here, where they carry tons of decorator fabrics, and walk up and down the rows. It opens up that creative part of my brain, and I begin to see possibilities. I can fairly run out of there and write down creative inspirations! Not of the fabric sense, of any kind. Possibilities and beautiful things . . . Funny, huh?

    Can you imagine the creative mind that can write an entire book about causing creativity to flow!? She's gotta have an amazing gift!

  3. I've been trying to lay off of buying creativity/writing books for a while (I've spent too much time reading about writing rather than actually doing it!), but I like the idea behind this one--think I'll check it out. Thanks!