The book that could make me into a Crafter again...

Except for selective crochet projects, I've been rebelling against crafty projects lately... They take so many supplies.  I so rarely finish them.  I pick up a hobby for a little while and then lose interest.  And yet, and yet... sometimes I come across something that threatens to make me turn crafty again.

I stumbled across Crafting a Meaningful Home by Meg Mateo Ilasco recently in a bookstore and if anything could end my crafty dry spell this might be it.

A giant doily rug!  The crochet-er in me wants to try it. 

And there are so many other seriously cute, stylish crafty things right up my alley.

A huge, modern Union Jack collage, my anglophile is itching to do it.  Decoupaged plates.  A gorgeous wall of framed love notes.  Hold me back, people!  Hold me back!

1 comment:

  1. I know just how you feel regarding crafting and craft supplies...

    You should make that rug, for sure!