Today I'm feeling... like I can see the forest

Actual color = Emerald City by Revlon

I really like this gorgeous green. It's very subtle in it's frost and not so bright.  This is one of my favorite new colors in awhile... maybe because it so perfectly matched my ready-for-fall mood.  Just in time because last night the air got a little bit nippy and I loved it.  The nail polish is actually a matte suede finish, which is interesting, but not totally my cup of tea - nothing a coat of glossy top coat won't fix.

This color was inspired by the little touches of dark green in The Edge of Love, especially Keira's wellies. 

Here's another great post from Triin that I discovered about The Edge of Love.  For the rest of my nail polish color collection inspired by The Edge of Love, go here!


  1. That movie looks like I need to watch it! Keira could use a few of my pounds...however.

    You might like this teenager I watch on Youtube LOL...she is into makeup hence her channel name Meganheartsmakeup :)