This week I feel... like I finally found "It"

Actual color = The "It" Color by OPI

So... I've been looking for this color for a long time.  Inspired by all the mustard, gold, saffron shades of yellow that have been so striking lately.  I wanted a matte mustard yellow with no frost.  Man, this took me awhile to find.  I still wish it were a little darker.  But it's pretty close to what I wanted.

It's very interesting, because it's an odd, unusual funky color - yet because it's a little muted and closer to the color of skin than blue for instance, it doesn't jump out at you. It's more subtle on the hand.

This is part of a little 40s inspired color collection I want to do based on the movie The Edge of Love.

This lovely blog post from Penny Dreadful Vintage does a great job of capturing the carefree vintage style of the movie - while I don't quite agree with her pronouncement of it being a "stonkingly" bad movie! But you happy movie lovers, don't watch this film - you've been warned.  It's on the heavy side. However, the style and the colors and the feel of the movie are so inspiring to me.  And this golden shade of yellow shows up over and over in the film...

Stay tuned for a few more nail polish colors inspired by The Edge of Love.


  1. Hello Honey, can you email me, I've got something I wanted to ask you about and I can't find an email address for you...

    Oooh and P.S: The Edge of Love is beautiful...

  2. Hello! Thanks for the link, what a gorgeous nail polish. The Edge of Love was indeed a good-looking film - maybe my dislike of it had something to do with not being much of a Keira fan ;)