Movie for a bohemian season: Whip It

I'm an Austinite, so that sort of prejudices me. And I've always dug Drew Barrymoore (well after the Poison Ivy and all that nonsense stage). (Her production offices with Ruthie Sommers in Domino Mag are so awesome - okay enough side notes!)

When I first heard about Whip It, I thought I'd go see it in the theaters for sure but then it got pissy reviews and so I decided to wait.  This is one reason I hate critical reviews.  They prejudice you.  Sometimes they are totally right.  But sometimes they are just looking for something to pick at.

For me, I enjoyed this movie.  Granted, it's not necessarily fast paced or high on breath-holding plot.  But it's in that genre I'm just realizing is a genre, and I'm just realizing I enjoy.  It's sort of the self-discovery genre, the growing up genre, the stepping out and being brave genre.

And how often do you get to see a movie that involves roller derby, food fights, beauty pageants and Austin (at the peak of it's legendary weirdness)?

What makes this a movie for a bohemian season:
  • Finding something that finally makes your heart sing
  • Having the courage to chase it
  • Even when you don't know what you're doing
  • Along with some outrageous fashion and outrageous people


  1. You've reminded me that I've had this one in my queue for too long--I need to watch it!

  2. Same here, as far needing to watch it.

    At the yoga retreat I attended in February, one of ladies in attendance was the captain for the Route 66 roller derby team out of Amarillo. It was pretty cool to meet a real-life roller derby chick. And her story was amazing to boot (the man she ended up marrying was homeless when they first met).

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