This week I feel... Splendid

 Actual color = Splendid by Hard Candy

Funny, I don't feel splendid today.  It may be an emotional hangover after the end of Lost last night.  That really choked me up.  I'm still not sure exactly what happened (as I see at least two possible interpretations), but it gave me emotional closure and that made me happy.

Onto the nail polish color.  Wow.  It's intense.  Especially once I saw it on my hand.  It reminds me of something that Twiggy would wear in London in the late 1960s.  It looks amazing with denim and blue and white and gray, but can clash and look funky with other colors.

I've been interested in all kinds of nail polish colors except for yellow and orange, so I'm intentionally trying them to see what I think. I liked this yellow because it wasn't sparkly.  For some reason I like my wild colors without frost.

Inspired by a yellow fiat...

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