Sweet serendipities and new blog discoveries

One of the things I'm enjoying about having a blog is that through comments and people following my blog, I'm getting to discover all sorts of blogs I enjoy myself! Here's a sampling of my recent discoveries...

Buckets and Bunches - Chelsea's got a very fun blog and her post on The Modern Bohemian: Braids of course caught my eye. Lately I've been wearing a loose side braid and I love it.  And she has a whole series around Modern Bohemian style that I just love!

The Diversion Project is a blog that is totally diverting and I love Jules' quirky picks - things I haven't already seen that have a unique style that resonates with me, like this Style Reigns post.

The Urban Wife is a new blogger who seems to already know exactly what she's doing in the blog world with beautiful photography and an elegant minimalist style.  I also happen to relate to her sense of belonging to several worlds at once.  She's got that hip, laid-back, intelligent stylish mom thing going on that I'd love to get a handle on if I ever have kidlets.

La Maisonette by a fellow Austinite with a delicious sense of style...  She's opening a new flower shop in downtown Austin and I can't wait to check it out.

Go check them out!  


  1. wow, thanks so much for the v.cool shout out! jules :)

  2. Jules is an amazing girl! I have been following her for a while now.

  3. Thank you! I am so excited! And I will tag all of the modern bohemian posts and make them a series!

  4. Totally honored to be listed! And thanks for calling me Hip! I am gonna tell my kids. :)

  5. those are all new to me and so is your wonderful blog. thank you for visiting us!

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