Chick flicks: Now I realize you're the one I love

And my Chick Flick Guide continues...

The actual title of this category is "I had a crush on him/her, then I realized I'm actually in love with him/her instead."  It was kind of hard to put in the blog post title.

p.s. there is a subset of this category, I'll cover in another post: "I'm in love with my best friend but I didn't know it".

The Chick Flicks:

4 stars
I like the 1954 AND the 1995 version.  There is only one Audrey.  But there is also only one Harrison Ford.
See this house (in the new version) on Hooked on Houses 

While you were sleeping
4 stars
Hello.  Didn't this movie just define the whole rom-com industry?  And so begins the career of Sandra Bullock...  But this is a real charmer - she's no glamour queen, she's just your everyday gal with a mad crush on a guy who turns out not to be Mr. Right. (A friend pointed out that this could also be categorized under Marrying the wrong person!)

Bridget Jone's Diary
4 stars
When will Bridget (Renee Zellweger) wake up and finally realize she's in love with the tall, dark and handsome in the reindeer sweater (Colin Firth) and not the charming sleazebag (Hugh Grant)?

French Kiss
3 stars
It was a little hard to like Meg Ryan in this uptight whiny incarnation, not to mention a weird French version of Kevin Kline as her love interest.  But they sucked me into the story of a woman crazy enough to chase her man around France, trying to win back his love, only to realize she's in love with that French weirdo instead.

The truth about cats and dogs
3 stars
Janeane Garofalo had a brief stint as a rom-com actress who was "real" just like the rest of us. In this movie, leggy Uma Thurman costars as the dream woman, making Janeane look even more "real" by contrast.  Luckily her love interest eventually figures out he prefers real to a dream.

27 dresses
3 stars
Oh boy, a volcano of liquid cheese is erupting in this movie.  But it's fun, especially if you kind of like, kind of loathe all the goofy subculture that goes with the wedding industry.  Of course our heroine (Katherine Heigl, who, let's admit it, is an acquired taste for some of us) is in love with her boss, who falls in love with her sister, and our heroine has to be the maid of honor.  But, there's another man who's about to annoy her into a state of deep affection. (I like the bar scene where they sing Benny and the Jets.  Totally cheesy, but I liked that anyway.)

If Lucy Fell
3 stars
Funny, I remember this as an 80s movie, but it says it was released in 1996.  I guess this means I am getting old.  Alot of people hated this movie on Netflix.  I didn't hate it.  But it's been awhile since I've seen it, making me want to see it again and see if I'm utterly clueless.  What I do remember... It tapped into my imagination of what my life would be like if I was a cool, artsy girl living in NYC.  What really stands out is the giant wall they repainted as a calendar every month.  That was so cool!  Today,you'd just use chalkboard paint, like this one on Plume Dandy.

Recommended double features:
Silly, silly girls: Bridget Jones and 27 Dresses
90s flashback: If Lucy Fell and The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Caught between two brothers: Sabrina and While You Were Sleeping

Any movies in this category that you would add to the list?