Hello Sailor! This week I feel... like turning heads

So, this week I take a change of course from my Marie-Antoinette inspired nail polish color collection and navigate towards fresher currents (tee hee).

I'm starting a new nail polish color collection, I like to call "Hello Sailor!".  Don't ask me why, but every spring/summer when the Sailor or Nautical fashion trend rears it's head, I find it irresistible.  And it does come back, over and over, because, let's face it, it's pretty timeless.  At least as far as the last hundred years goes.

I'm starting out with the most perfect of classic red shades from Essie, "Turning heads red".

Inspired by Audrey's classic take on Hello Sailor!

*image from BBC News


  1. oooh! I love pretty red nail polish!

  2. Heeeeeyyyy! Now I've made the connection! Why didn't you mention you were the blogger whom I stalked a few weeks ago when we were in class this weekend? ;)

    Guess what? I totally went to Ulta in search of Turns Heads Red. They didn't have it, but I got the closest essie I could find: really red. Sporting it right now!

    So glad to have met you and had you in class :)

  3. @ Average Jane Crafter - I guess it wouldn't be the first time I was a little shy! But I didn't realize you were blog stalking me either. Hey, I like having a blog stalker :-)