Romantic comedy MIA: Leap Year


I'm a mostly unabashed fan of romantic comedies.  I have a couple of friends who are too.  And I'd hazard a guess that between the three of us, it's hard for a romantic comedy to slip through unnoticed.  

So I'm now wondering how I managed to miss Leap Year.  I remember the preview.  It looked good.  Amy Adams is chasing after a man in Ireland and somehow manages to find Matthew Goode instead.

Okay.  I'm on board.  Ready to buy the tickets.

But where is it?  This ad in In Style (which I've scribbled on) said it was coming January 8.  Either I missed it or it never made it's way to my city.  Boo hoo.  I guess I'll have to wait a few months for the inevitable appearance on Blockbuster shelves.

There are so few romantic comedies released to the theater - I can't bear to miss one.  I have a theory that they ration them, keeping us starving, so that when it comes out, we all jump on it like hungry vultures - even if the one released isn't so hot.

Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist - about romantic comedies.

Of course the other theory is that there just isn't enough market demand to have too many romantic comedies.  It's just hard for me to believe there's a bigger market for horror movies, for goodness sake.

I do feel a twinge of irritation when it comes to romantic comedies, because I feel "they" owe "us" some more original, wonderful, intelligent ones, and less cheap, easy, imitation.  But I will even go see those... I guess I'm a sucker.  
So... I'm headed to When in Rome instead.


  1. I wanted to see Leap Year as well but its one of those movies I just ended up forgetting about. Will catch it on DVD.

    I did see When In Rome, mostly because I love Josh Duhamel. Not the greatst but cute.

  2. I hadn't seen anything about "Leap Year," either, though for me, where I live, that isn't so surprising.

    A conspiracy theory--yes!