This week I feel... like sunbathing in St. Lucia

Actual color name: St. Lucia Lilac by Essie

I like the way this has the softness of a barely-there pink, but the punk edge of a purple.

Inspired by... Marie Antoinette

The strangest thoughts do occur to me...

Now I know I'm HARDLY ORIGINAL for loving the film Marie Antoinette. (I do hope Sofia Coppola is off somewhere making another wonderful film that will not leave my mind.)

It affected me on an emotional level.  But let's face it, the visuals were stunning.  And what do I remember? The colors, the colors, the colors.

And I thought, there REALLY should be a nail polish collection built around that movie.  Heck, OPI might have already done one and I just never noticed.  I googled and found nothing.

So I decided to put together my own collection of Marie Antoinette inspired colors.  I still haven't found the right shade of aqua... But I'll be bringing you my personal Marie Antoinette-inspired nail polish collection over the coming weeks!