Hello February

When I think of February, I think of red and pink. But did you know that the flower for February is a violet?  And the birthstone is amethyst?  So it actually might be more lilac, lavender or plum.  So in honor of February, I present my violet tights!

A new month unfolds and here's my Top 10 that I'm looking forward to...

1.Lots of inspiration to soak in during the shortest month of the year... My husband doesn't know why I'm reading this book - he says I already know how to make a scene.

2. Blogging Your Way - a fun class by Holly of Decor8.  It's stretching me in good ways... I LOVE this class so far.  If blogging gives you a little thrill and you want to grow, this is highly recommended.

3. Sharing more thoughts on having a Bohemian Season... 

4. Learning to crochet - Granny Squares here I come!  Clumsy fingers and all...

5. Catching up and movie nights with a good friend who's back in town!  Elizabethtown is one on the list...

6. Four new colors of nail polish to pick... Where will my mood take me next?

7.  The LAST season of Lost.  Yes, I am a Lostie.  And on Tuesday nights, there is only one place I'll be.

8. Culling my wardrobe for spring:  Less black, brown and grey.  More colorful 'yay'!

9. Experimenting with photography.  Don't expect miracles, my friends.  I've still got a point and shoot, but I'm going to see where I can take it.

10. Valentine's Day - A holiday that's all about romance and chocolate can't be ALL bad. We have no plans yet.  Maybe we should just jet over to Paris... Time to get cracking!

Happy February!


  1. Can we talk about how I love all of those movies and own them all. Elizabeth town almost up there with Garden state for me. Good picks!

  2. Loving the purple tights. Lost starts here on Friday so no spoilers k? :)

  3. I like these lists of yours. They're inspiring.

    Also, I love Elizabethtown - which is saying something, since I'm not a romance kind of gal.

    We actually saw it the first time in Paris, of all places. We were at the end of our 2 1/2 month tour of Europe that capped our 3+ years overseas. I think that made it especially poignant for us and we both felt a little more homesick upon leaving the theater.

  4. Another Lostie, here--we just finished the Season 5 dvds the other night. And Funny Face is one of my favorite movies. I want to learn to crochet, too--I used to be able to make chains when I was about ten!