Day 7 - The Little Things

I love to go deep, but sometimes it's the little things that sustain me through hard times - sparks of joy, simple things that remind me of how good it feels to be alive.

Most of these make me feel more feminine, more pulled together, which is something I need after a long period of struggling to get off the couch and put makeup on.

My favorite little things lately:

A mani-pedi with a friend - what a treat! Makes me feel instantly pulled together, pampered and glam.

A bold fashion choice - at least for me. I've had my eyes on these overalls for waaaay too long now. I just kept feeling nervous about buying them. Too trendy? Too young? Not figure flattering? I had all these hesitations. Well, I finally did it. And it feels good to be brave! And I love wearing them.

(Hey, if you comment below, will you tell me what fashion trend you've secretly been wanting to try lately, but haven't gotten the guts to yet? Come on, you can tell me!)

Lighting a candle from P.F. Candle Co. No. 4 Teakwood and Tobacco is my favorite.

Discovering a new tea I'm obsessed with. Comforting Tea from Aveda is so tasty, so naturally sweet tasting without sugar and caffeine.

Playing around with Korean skin care methods. Seven-skin method. Glass skin. Sheet masks. They are over the top and so fun I think! 

And super silly television. Sorry about the language here, but I love Schitt's Creek on Netflix. I never would tried it if I hadn't seen Alison from Brocante Home mention it. I watched one episode and was hooked. It's fluffy and ridiculous. The characters are narcissistic and pitiful while being likable at the same time. It's totally hilarious and for me its worth watching just for Moira's outfits and wigs.

Any little things you are loving lately? Do share, because I get the best ideas from friends!


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