Will at 11 months

"I got into mama's bag! Score!"

  • Will loves: Cheerios, retractable measuring tapes, coke bottles, cups and straws, electronics, the dishwasher, the vacuum, vertical blinds, eating paper products, dogs, cats, kids and being outdoors.
  • My husband calls him Buddy and I find myself calling him Buddy too, but I also call him Bubba, Bubbie, Bub, and still the occasional Bobo. I call him Lovey too. Cuz he's my Lovey! Most of all I try to call him by his name, but I can't help it!
  • He's learned how to open the toilet lid and the trash lid. Ugh.
  • He's just started pointing with his index finger, although it's not totally clear what he's pointing at and whether he's trying to communicate or just randomly gesturing.

  • He's SUCH a Daddy's boy. He cries whenever Daddy goes to work in the morning. The minute he sees Daddy he goes straight towards him and demands to be picked up. He seems so satisfied and content when he's in Daddy's arms.
  • He's a sweet little snuggler and gives me quick little hugs throughout the day, although he's quickly moving on. I'll miss those little hugs someday.
  • He still loves to laugh and smile. We have a lot of fun!

  • Whenever he sees me eat something, he gets super excited and tries to grab it and begs for some of it. Which means I can't eat unless he's eating at the same time.
  • His favorite foods are eggs, bananas and pears. He likes chili too!
  • He's officially walking. Yeah, there's still a bit of crawling here or there, but he walks almost all the time now. I didn't think I would be so excited about it, but I am. It's been so amazing to watch him grow and learn new things.
  • His favorite toys are cheap plastic stacking cups and colorful wooden stacking circles. He likes to take them apart. But he doesn't play with toys much right now. He prefers exploring the real world around him. He likes to open cabinets and pull things out. His favorite activity seems to be turning order into disorder and making messes!
  • He's finally sleeping through the night most nights (yay), although now we're getting some verrry early mornings.

  • He's still quite a big boy for his age. Wearing 18 month old clothes now. 
  • He's pretty rough when he plays with other kids. It's going to be quite a job teaching him to be gentle. He's so strong and assertive.
  • He's very content when we go outdoors to play. That's my ace in the hole when he's cranky. I try to take advantage of the good weather as often as I can and I'm already trying to figure out some good ideas for outdoor play in the future.
  • He hasn't said any words, but he babbles a lot saying, dadada, nanana, and yayayaya. And his voice gets quite expressive and sometimes quite loud!


  1. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter! What a sweetheart!

  2. stumbled upon your blog, what a beautiful baby and a beautiful blog- keep up the musings xx:)