Will at 6 months

Will finally officially turned six calendar months this weekend. I can't believe it - how much of a whirlwind this time has been.

  • Crawling? Not yet. Sooooo close, but he just can't seem to coordinate it. That's okay though. I'm in no hurry! But he has just discovered he can use his rolling over skills to make his way around a room, so I'm already having to keep a closer eye on him.
  • Teeth? Not yet. Also in no hurry on those. Except he has a drool rash that just won't quit and I'd be happy for it to be gone.
  • He now likes to eat food - relatively speaking. He reaches out and opens his mouth for more, but still makes a funny face sometimes at the taste or sensation of food in his mouth. So far we've tried rice, oatmeal, apples, pears and pluots.
  • He also now likes baths since I started giving them every night before bed as part of our new bedtime routine. Bathtime makes me nervous since he has the propensity to yank and twist in the direction he wants to go and he doesn't understand that his face does not go under the water.
  • Speaking of water, he likes to drink it, or try to drink it at least, in little sips. He likes anything in a cup and is especially taken with cups and soda cans he sees me carrying around.
  • He's super attached to me right now. My husband and I had a date night a month ago, but I'm not sure when it will happen again as I don't like to see Will get so upset when I'm gone. The only person he doesn't get upset with is Daddy. His face lights up when Daddy comes home and that's always a sight to see.
  • Favorite toys? Cheap plastic stacking cups. Mr. Giraffe. Mr. Pirate. Books (trying to put them in his mouth). Remote controls (trying to put them in his mouth). iPad (trying to touch it AND put it in his mouth).
  • Favorite game? Still "Will lay down, sit up, stand up". I can hold his hands and tell him to lay down and he'll do it, then he'll try to sit back up and I give leverage to help pull him up and he digs his feet into the ground to come to standing. He LOVES standing and gets this self-satisfied grin each time he does it.
  • How I'm doing with this motherhood stuff at the half year mark? Now that's more complicated. Hopefully I can share more soon!

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  1. Soooo cute--and I can't believe he's six months old, either!