A day in the life

Bear with my self-indulgent post! I wanted to capture one whole day in the life as a mama of an almost 6 month old baby while I could still remember it. Here goes...

6:30 am - It's still dark and I'm gradually waking up. Will's tucked up beside me in the single bed next to the crib in the nursery. I'm sick with a sore throat and I'm afraid he might be too so I didn't push too hard on getting him to sleep in the crib last night. He's still and quiet, but awake too, and for some minutes we lay there cozy and companionable.
6:45 am - But then he starts suddenly and fiercely crying which is unusual and I'm afraid he might be having a sudden sensation of sore throat, so I get up to nurse him in the rocking chair while I browse the internet on the iPad set up on a side table. Then I lay him back in the crib.
7:15 am - He doesn't sleep for long and I can hear him wiggling in the crib. I want to sleep more! So I get up to take him into bed with me. But alas, he has a leaky diaper. So I have to take off his PJs and put a fresh diaper on. I try to lay him in bed with me anyway, but it doesn't work. He's wide awake and smiles gleefully when I lay down beside him. He starts cooing playfully and we lay there "talking" for a few minutes.

7:30 am - We're up. I lay him in the living room floor on his blanket while I go make some coffee and heat up a bran muffin. When I come back out he's rolled onto his tummy and moved off the blanket already. He looks at me and smiles.  I eat breakfast in my morning daze. He alternates between attempts at crawling, playing with his stuffed toy "Mr. Horsey", talking aloud, looking at me and smiling, and laying his head down on the floor resting. He's sometimes groggy after he wakes up.
8:30 am - Daddy's up. Will lights up when he comes in the room. All three of us lay on the floor. Will shows off for Daddy and plays with a new Sassy bumpy ball I bought him yesterday. I never knew how much I would love to pick out new toys and clothes for him.
9:15 - Will's getting fussy. I change his diaper and nurse him.
9:40 - He falls asleep and I lay him down in bed to take a nap with Daddy (not our usual routine!) They look so cute sleeping there together. I'm sleepy myself, but I want to enjoy the alone time for a bit and blog and read. Also searching the internet for the Happiest Baby White Noise CD. I've been reading The Happiest Baby Sleep Guide and studying up on some pending changes to our routine.
10:15 - I peek in on Daddy and Ittle Bittle still asleep. So cute. Then I succumb to sleep myself. I'm crashing hard. I'm feeling that floaty weakness that tells me I am sick. Crap.
10:50 - Wake up. Feeling a bit better. Daddy and Ittle Bittle still napping. Good!

11:30 - Will cries out and wakes up. I go pick him up and he's in a cheery mood. I check his diaper - surprisingly dry. I lay him down to play. Time for me to try to eat some lunch before he gets demanding.
12:00 - After noshing on leftovers I put Will in the exersaucer in the kitchen while I wash dishes and tidy up. He has fun playing for 30 minutes and gets worked up.
12:30 - Diapey change.  Nursing.
1:10 - Put Will in the Moby wrap and tidy up around the house.
1:50 - Lay down with Will for a nap.
2:40 - He's awake again. Not a long nap - drat! We lay in bed for 10 minutes while he wiggles around.
2:50 - I lay Will down on a blanket to write more of this post. He rolls over and immediately starts grabbing for books on the bookshelf. He's never done that before. I've seen him eyeing them but he was never within reach. He's probably been dying to touch them for weeks now. Will lets out some farts. I start thinking about coffee drinks.
3:00 - I change Will's diaper. It was more than just a fart if you get my drift. Then I pack up our stuff to the car, tell Will "We're going on a venture!" and put him in his car seat while singing our "happy car seat song". On the drive to my favorite coffee shop Will talks up a storm. I go through the drive thru and savor the mocha goodness while driving to Target.
3:30 - Load Will up in the Moby wrap facing forward and thank the heavens once again for my Moby wrap. He's content while I bop around Target.
4:40 - Will's fallen asleep on the way home, per usual. I unload the car seat and he sleeps for another 10 minutes in the hallway.
5:00 - I call hubby to ask him to bring takeout home. Then I realize with a shock that it's been 4 and a half hours since we nursed.  I sit down to nurse Will. He stops midway to look at me, touch my face, and talk to me. Man, I love that part.  When we're done it's another diaper change.
5:30 - I lay him on the ground to play and get a snack - starving.  I get my laptop to work on this post and sit next to Will, but he's not content, so I pull him in my lap to watch me. He starts leaning aggressively towards the keys. He spits up on the carpet and I wipe it up. Now he types this: r21xzsq. I take the laptop away and he moves towards the diaper bag instead. He's rolled on his tummy and is doing his usual pushups and wiggling, but now he's fussing because it's late in the day and he's getting tuckered out. I try to hold out, but he's really crying now.
6:00 - I try to watch tv for a little while holding him in my lap, but he's gunning for the remote.
6:25 - Put wILL IN THE mOBY AGAIN.   Eager for Jim to be home now. Feeling wiped.

...And... it all goes to pot from there... thus the total lack of documentation! I try my new bedtime routine, but instead of Will going to sleep at 8, he doesn't go to sleep until 11:30 at night. He's sick, I'm sick, and "oh well!" it's on to a new day tomorrow.

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