Dirty dishes, stretchy pants and night night

It's a sink full of dirty dishes and stretchy pants week around here. I'm extra lazy and extra tired because we are sleep training, ladies and gents. None of that fancy technical gymnastics prescribed by doctors and experts, just trying to gradually move Will over to sleep in the co-sleeper rather than snuggled up riiiiiiight next to mama. 

I've started to want to sleep on my back, to stretch out, to toss and turn as I am wont to do and generally just have my bed back again. So poor little guy is getting kicked out to the bassinet. Unfortunately he doesn't sleep well yet in it. He goes to sleep, but sleeps lightly, waking up with any little noise and startling, and he needs a pat or a sssh to go back to sleep before waking up again 10 minutes later. All this means I hardly sleep a peep even if he's dozing.

I don't now what this week holds, other than a fat dose of sleep deprivation for me, so I'm nervous and not excited by the side effects -  too much coffee, carbalicious cravings, no stamina, etc.

Thank goodness his smile warms my toes, even when I'm dragging.

p.s. When I was feeling stressed about this whole sleeping situation, I called my mother for "professional advice". I confessed my secret guilt that somehow I had caused all this by co-sleeping with him in the first place and she told me that I would never regret these days of cuddling my newborn and being close to him. Geez. I love my mom.

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