Clinging to a book and crawling up under covers

Last week I was too busy just surviving to do much of anything else. It was one of those times that hits me out of the blue, when I need to have a little more grace with myself, to be slow, be easy, or be uneasy, be tired, be sick.  I've come to see that for every up there is often a down waiting. And I'd just gone through several ups - the long awaited Parisian tour, not to mention the 20 week sonogram. And bam! I was hit with some down days.

I wonder sometimes if these down days are about transitions, giving myself enough space for transitions - between seasons, between states of being, between good health and illness, between one physical or emotional space and another. I don't plan for the transitions. I don't plan for downtime. And when it shows up and demands its due I'm often put out. I wonder why do I always think I need to be in a constant state of progress?

But one of the little things I've been enjoying in this time is a deliciously good book called The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. In times of transition, a good book is my life line, giving me something to enjoy in a quiet way, an excuse to snuggle up underneath the covers.

And this book is so good. So good. I find myself wanting to say it's the best book I've read in several years - or the one I've most enjoyed perhaps. She creates such an enticing real world with her words that I find myself longing to go to the Night Circus or a midnight dinner and I'm just dying to see a movie adaptation of this book!

If you enjoy the fantastical, odd and mysterious and an epic, yet restrained, destined sort of romance, you just might love it too!


  1. Here, here to the power of a good book to help us escape and keep us tethered at the same time.

    Nice tease with the sonogram...I'm waiting with baited breath!

  2. Oooh! I am on the hunt for a good book. I know what I am downloading to my Kindle today.