Too good not to share - letting things go a little

Deep thoughts on this Friday...

I have had Regrets of the Dying from Inspiration Chai open on my computer for awhile now. I keep peeking back at it, gleaning something new each time. These are things that many of us know and yet do not practice - habits keep us bound. It's good to be reminded.

And this post, from Goddess Leonie, as she opened up about her experience with postpartum depression is long, but there's one part in particular that really gets to me. She sits down with her husband and he says "make a list of everything you need to do, want to do everyday." She makes this long exhaustive list full of perfectionist ideals, all of which sound lovely - things about exercise and art and organic gardening. I can relate! He writes down his list and they trade. His list says "be a good dad and partner" - that's all.  And she has this clear moment of realizing how over the top her expectations of herself are. And for some reason this story connected with me - thinking about all my aspirations for my life - how I can simplify and let things go a little, let myself go a little.

And some light ones too... A few blogs I've gotten lost in lately:

Scathingly Brilliant - Makes me want to go pink. Her strong visual style sucked me in and I found myself looking at page after page.

Aura Joon - Makes me want to go organic. And take photos of everything.

Softspoken - Makes me want to start new crochet projects.

Happy Friday!


  1. This is a Wise Man that the Goddess is Partnered with... sometimes keeping it simple and realistic removes such a weight from our shoulders... I know I do it too, the "long list" that really isn't so necessary... and probably shouldn't be so serious. Enjoy letting go & make that a new habit to ease into.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I really like Aura Joon, too. I'm sorry she's stopped blogging, but I totally understand why.