Longing for fall

Like some other bloggers I see, I'm getting that itch for fall. Who can blame me with endless months of 100+ degree weather? The thought of cool breezes and hot chocolate is so wonderful.

So I made my favorite pumpkin muffins this week - Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins from Country Living. A bit indulgent? Yes. But oh so good.

I've been perusing the fall issue of Lucky magazine. Some years this has me delighted in the latest trends. And other years I feel a bit "meh". And this would be a "meh" year. What is the signature style for the fall? It's not jumping out at me.

But I'm craving some new boots. Already. What good will new boots do me? I won't be able to wear them until likely November. I'd like some quintessential classic Frye boots. The sort of comfy classics I can sink my feet into and wear with almost anything. Why don't quintessential classics go on sale?

So I went the low-cost way and switched out some of the clothes in my wardrobe, packing away the popsicle shades of spring and pulling out those late summer early fall colors I had packed away - chocolate brown tank tops, light cotton shirts in shades of dark forest green, dark grey boho tops - earthy natural shades.

I have this thing for color (er, I might have mentioned) and I think the seasons have colors. Not just the seasons, but the seasons between seasons. At the end of spring and beginning of summer, I love hot tropical colors, things that look like sno cones and Mexico. But at the end of summer, I like those dark husky colors, that say change is coming.

Are you craving autumn? How are you scratching your itch+


  1. I am craving, too. And we're having a gorgeous couple of days here, so the countdown is on. Can't wait for evenings that require sweaters, mornings that require houseshoes and days of warm, golden sun. Have some pumpkin puree in the freezer from last year - will give your muffins a try.


  2. I love a good boot. I tend to buy a couple of pairs and tend to keep them for 3 years. The three years are up and it's time to buy a couple of new pairs.

    I'm going to give that pumpkin muffins a try for Thanksgiving and serve them fore breakfast. I think my family would love them!

  3. I'm in the mood for fall, too, after 2 months of those 100+ temps in TX! I'm definitely going to bake some of those pumpkin muffins--thanks for sharing the link.