Too good not to share - permission and pompoms edition

You have permission by Goddess Leonie was so good I had to print it out and highlight some of the words.
 Dare you to read it.

I love Japanese fashion. The creativity of it. The silliness of it. The theater. Next time you're in the bookstore, drop by the photography section and pick up Fruits all about Japanese street fashion. Of course I lean towards the Mori girls. Want a taste? Check out these Tumblrs: http://aristocratiquecheese.tumblr.com/ and http://ohyeahmorigirl.tumblr.com/

Author Blogging: You're doing it write, but John Locke's figured it out. So I don't know how many writers actually follow this blog (blush, sigh, show yourselves!) but since last Friday I linked to a blog post I liked about how NOT to do an author blog, I just had to share the follow up post on how to do it right (according to some, with the note that I believe there is no one right way). Plus, this post is chock full of ideas for author bloggers

Fun and funky DIY - I want to make a pom-pom garland. Why?  I'm planning no festive outdoor parties or photo shoots. What good would it do me? Where would I put such a thing? But it would look so pretty with this armload of friendship bracelets I'd like to have. Do you remember making friendship bracelets? Well they're baaack!

Happy Friday!


  1. My daughter loves making friendship bracelets--I think she and I need to make some like the ones in your link! I'll be checking out that first Mori Girl Tumblr, too--that's one I haven't visited.