Color mad

Just when you thought you could let me out of the house, I go and do this...

I went to Forever 21 on my annual trek for cheap trendy jewelry and ended up leaving with five colors of nail polish. I thought I owned every color under the sun until I saw these. They were just such unique shades. An unusual bronze, sandy mustard, periwinkle, orange-y red, and a gorgeous beach-y blue.

But I didn't make it out without some jewelry too.  This plastic bubble ring somehow manages to be boho, modern and yet slightly natural at the same time.

p.s. While I was at Forever 21, I was surprised by the kitchsy juvenalia all over the place - jewelry made of teddy bears, robots, bows, hearts, eiffel towers, kittens and ballerinas.  I love my girly-girlness as much as anyone, and goodness knows I'm in no hurry to grow up - but still it was all a little much. The cutesy girlie trend has blown up.


  1. I love everything about this post. I LOVE the colors. I feel like very few can pull off the gold. You are a lucky one ;)

  2. I love to call it "Boutique Veintiuno, Siempre". It makes me feel fancy. Their cheap-o jewels ROCK.

  3. That ring is lovely! I am just starting to get back into buying and wearing jewelry again. (I stopped for a while for some unknown reason.) I love the polish colors, especially the blue! I painted my toes baby blue earlier this summer and thought that it was such a fun summery color.

  4. Hiya! these colors are cool and the one you have on your nails..awesome.