Too good not to share - Swimming towards the sharks

A quick hello... I've been traveling for work with long days that are killer for an introvert.  And now the WLT conference starts TO-DAY!  Am I ready? Not sure.  I have had almost zero time to prep this week.  So here I go boldly forth... swimming towards the sharks.

My modus operandi since childhood is to hide from anything that makes me afraid or kicks me outside the comfort zone.  Flight is my natural response, not fight. But when I decided to write, that wasn't an option anymore.  So now I'm in my 30s, learning to fight through the fear.

To get where I want to go I have to swim through the sharks.  

I experimented with that this week by riding the Dragon Challenge at Universal Studios in Orlando.  I've always been timid about roller coasters, but I decided I was GOING to do it regardless.  And I did. And it was so fun!

I have also found myself enjoying the wordless-ness of playing with my Tumblr this week since I've been so fried and brain dead.  When I'm stressed I like to do things that are expressive in a primitive and simple way - like collage or crochet.  I'm adding Tumblr to that list.

Now, I must study up on my shark manual, don my wetsuit and get in the boat...  Hoping to meet some fellow daredevils at the Writer's League of Texas cocktail party tonight.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Best of luck swimming with the sharks! Fighting is often more rewarding that hiding. But of course you already know that.

    I know just what you mean about that work travel being so exhausting for introverts ... it's a killer.