Too good not to share - girly-girl edition

Have you seen Closet Visit?  The fashionista's answer to The Selby, it offers a peek into the closets of artsy fashionable chicas.  It appeals to me because I love to peek into things, to see into real people's homes when they're not perfectly staged.

The blog post that kicked my butt this week: How to embrace your naked ambition and make your subconscious your bitch on Tribal Writer. It got me thinking about vision - having a clear vision of who I am (or want to be) and where I'm going.  I've struggled to say the words out loud, to be who I am, on the outside, as well as the inside, to really own it, to say it clearly and not whisper and blush and apologize when I say the words. Blogging has been a big step in that direction, but it's still hard to say "I'm a quirky girly-girl, dreamer, imagine-r, who thinks deep, but also likes the frou-frou, who wants to write beautiful stories and views the world through fanciful glasses." I'm afraid of the people who will rip my fanciful glasses off my face and stomp them. And that holds me back. I'm going to a writer's conference in several weeks and I want to be able to just "be me" - to talk about what I do and what I write, without squirming.

The Language of Flowers on Newspaper Taxi caught my eye with its lush romanticism, combining gorgeous flowers, old books and images from Bright Star.

So, Zooey Deschanel has a blog.  I like her style so I was curious about it.  My favorite post: Great excuses for not getting anything done while at a coffee shop. About three times a week I make a little outing to a coffee shop to write so this one cracked me up. Btw, her new tv show for Fox looks funny.  I love that she can just be totally out there and crazy. Here's a preview of The New Girl!

Happy Friday!

p.s. First time ever I'm doing a double-post on my blog in one day because I have too much to say!


  1. Thanks for the awesome link to Tribal Writer - i'm on a 'mission to find my mission'. My goals have stalled out as I've gotten older, settled, and can i say b.o.r.i.n.g. Good luck at the writer's conference. You are brave and it will be wonderful!

  2. Thanks for directing us to Tribal Writer...and write for yourself don't worry what anyone else thinks...
    OOh and thanks for reminding me about The Selby and the link to Closet Visit...new to me...lots to read this weekend...thanks...

    Have a good one,